Competence equals Fun! The better one is able to master game situations, the more fun you can have playing. That is why this concept is based on the consideration, on how best to guide a player as quickly as possible to a better playing behaviour in many different sports games. Playing is learnt by playing. Game series are fun and very useful for learning. Every player also likes to learn ball tricks. Nevertheless, playing and juggling can not replace actual practice, since specific skills do not develop all by themselves. By using playful forms, exercises can be designed in a way that they come very close to an actual game situation. Not only does this make practising more exciting, it also simplifies the transfer of learned skills to the actual game.



Get complex team games played by everybody, even by people with very limited ball game skills. Create trainings which are great fun for advanced as well as for beginners and teach your students with fun and success.


Fantasy, a lot of love and the vision to passionate young people for sports and games keep Muriel moving. She doesn`t stop creating new games and innovative ideas for PE classes and polysportive club trainings. That`s burning passion!


All Burner Motion course units can be booked by schools, universities, companies, sports clubs and private groups. The offer reaches from trial lessons until half-day classes, full-day classes, events, regular trainings and camps. Don`t hesitate to contact us. We like to create an offer according your visions.


The courses schedule is updated regulary. Watch out: the courses overview is international, so the language of the course might be not the same as the language of the website you are looking at. For more information just click the referring link.

Internationales Sportforum Mals
Sportoberschule Mals, Mals
24.7.2021 - 30.7.2021
Ganztägig Uhr


Here you see the latest pics! Under the Hashtag #speedgames you can also post your own pics into the community feed.

Hallo liebes #instalehrerzimmer und alle wundervollen Besucher*innen ♥️ Da meine Kräfte fürs gesund werden und andere Angelegenheiten gebraucht wurden, habe ich die letzten Tage nur als stille Besucherin bei der #lehrerinneninstachallenge von a_teachers_lifestyle mitgemacht. Dabei habe ich ein neues #lieblingsspielimsport kennengelernt, welches ich unbedingt weiterteilen möchte: Dino-Eier klauen von montiaffen ist ein grossartiges #kooperationsspiel und ich empfehle dir sehr, es nachzuspielen! Danke für diese wunderbaren #perlenausdemunterricht 🙏 #tränenvorlachen garantiert! Neben den #burnergames und Burgball wird dieses Spiel bestimmt in unserer Hitliste aufgenommen.
Ich bin echt #dankbar, dass hier so viele tolle Ideen geteilt werden. MERCI! 🌼
#dankbarkeit #wertschätzung #zusammenhalt #happyteacher #instalehrer #spiele #sportunterricht #spass #schulesollspassmachen

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Vor zwei Wochen spielten wir Hühnerball im Sport. Jedes Team kriegt eine Hallenhälfte und die umgedrehte Langbank in der gegnerischen Hälfte. Wer mit einem Softball getroffen wurde, geht auf die Hühnerstange der Mannschaft🐓🐓🐓.
Trifft ein Kind auf der Langbank ein anderes der gegnerischen Mannschaft ohne von der Langbank zu fallen, darf wieder ins Feld zurückgekehrt werden.
Der Balanceakt auf der Hühnerstange war gar nicht so einfach😅.
(Spielidee aus der Burner Games-Reihe, unbeauftragte Werbung aus Überzeugung)
#primareinblicke #turnunterricht #sportunterricht #primarschule #hühnerball #5und6klass #schwizerkollegium #instakollegium #sportspiel #balancieren #🐓 #burnergames

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Donut Hockey is on Wikipedia now! 🔥🍩 thanks to @ilei_73 @thepriest75 for empowering that opportunity, @chris_coach4you for the great pic and the whole team for your passion 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 #playdonuthockey #burnermotion #hockey #hockeyfun #donuts #teamgames ...

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Donut Hockey is on Wikipedia now! 🔥🍩 thanks to @ilei_73 @thepriest75 for empowering that opportunity 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 #playdonuthockey #burnermotion #hockey #hockeyfun #donuts #teamgames ...

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Matterhorn-jagerbal; punten halen door de top te beklimmen voordat je wordt afgegooid... #LO2 #burnergames #davincisports ...

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Swiss PE Teaching magazine MobileSport just launched a huge feature on Donut Hockey. This attractive, easy indoor hockey game develops fun as quickly as your fitness. The article contains a crash course how to play, a bunch of cool playing ideas and a competence-based testing tool, developed in cooperation with a Bachelor thesis by Gian Gmünder at University of Basel. The feature is available in German, French and Italian language. Don`t miss. 




More info on Donut Hockey:

Cheers Muriel 🔥🍩😃

#mobilesport #peteacher #hockey #schoolsports #teacher #teachersofinstagram #playdonuthockey #hockeyfun

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