You can play Burner Games with almost any material you find in your facility. As we are all game maniacs, we carry a small range of tools that we are really convinced of. All Burner Motion Material is developed and tested in cooperation with kids and teens in the gym. All products we carry are styled by local artists and realized in cooperation with certified experts. All articles are sold in our shop.


Young experts with versatile core areas combine thrilling new trends such as aerial yoga and acrobatic yoga with classic acrobatic and artistry disciplines. This creative mix creates a teaching material which motivates young people to access acrobatics in an easy, inspiring way. We are happy to present you this exciting mix of good basics and lots of innovative, brand new stunts – on the floor and in the air.


Donut Hockey is a young, attractive team sport which connects the advantages of hockey, ringette and floorball to a quick team sport with a lot of emotions and action. It hardly needs any technical skills to control the ring with the stick, therefore, beginners can also show attractive moves and play efficiently in the team after a short time. Give it a try!


We are passionate for games and sports – for that reason we always try to achieve the best possible product for the specific needs of our teaching programs and games. Enjoy our high-tech Burner Balls and Gladiators bats, as well as the high-quality foam products, fun stuff and fluo-colored marker accessories.


Thanks to it`s special construction (elastic fibre inside, ultra soft, funky stlyed skin), you can shoot the Burner Ball very fast, but it doesn`t hurt if you get catched. Basel based Graffiti Artist Raffi Borer created a thrilling design. The resistable ball has not to be filled with air and is easy to care.


In cooperation with our expert authors we develop special tools to perform the expert programs, such as the Gladiator Bats or the Fighting Noodles. To let of steam, you do not officially need a book – only a partner and lots of game joy!


These Accessories in fluorescent colors do look very stylish and have a high visibility on all kinds of floors. So your individually marked playgrounds will always “jump” in everybody`s eye, and you never have trouble to tell apart the teams.


These cool Swamp Chicken and Fire Fish add the ultimate kick to every game. But the funny rubber animals can be used also for many other creative games. They are made of soft rubber and have a squeeking valve which makes funny sounds if the animal gets squeezed. A blockbuster for kids and teens.


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