Donut Hockey is a young, attractive team sport which connects the advantages of hockey, ringette and floorball to a quick team sport with a lot of emotions and action. It hardly needs any technical skills to control the ring with the stick, therefore, beginners can also show attractive moves and play efficiently in the team after a short time. However, the possibilities with the devices are nearly boundless, so even advanced players always discover new challenges. Donut Hockey is directed to every age and to men and women – the big number of female ringette fans in Canada give proof of this in an impressive way.


Donut Hockey is more than just a project of Burner Motion this game shall exist as an individual, independent new sports discipline. For that reason Donut Hockey has its own website:


Creative ideas, connected to easy organisation forms and emotional staging ideas, support the acquisition of the elements relevant for playing and let in the twinkling of an eye. The material was created and developed in close cooperation with excellent hockey experts and young students.


Since 20 years Muriel works and creates a lot of fun stuff with her students. Muriels goal is to connect physical activity to a modern and trendy lifestyle. After the successful “Burner Games” she dreamed of creating a cool team game which can really become a lifetime sports. And there it is!! 🙂


You wish to get an introduction in Donut Hockey for your team, for all students of your campus, or want to organize a competition? Please just get in touch. We have a great instructors team who is happy to assist you in designing a great Donut Hockey event according your wishes.


The courses schedule is updated regulary. Watch out: the courses overview is international, so the language of the course might be not the same as the language of the website you are looking at. For more information just click the referring link.

13.3.2021 - 14.3.2021
9:00 - 18:00 Uhr
Polysportive Woche Davos
Sporthalle Arkaden Davos, Davos
12.7.2021 - 16.7.2021
Ganztägig Uhr
Internationales Sportforum Mals
Sportoberschule Mals, Mals
24.7.2021 - 30.7.2021
Ganztägig Uhr


Dominik Schlegel

Dominik Schlegel

Roger Gerber

Roger Gerber

Yves Morand

Yves Morand

Dave Lüthy

Dave Lüthy

Samuel Willi

Samuel Willi

Muriel Sutter

Muriel Sutter

Eliane Keller

Eliane Keller



Here you see the latest pics! Under the Hashtag #playdonuthockey you can also post your own pics into the community feed.

Donut Hockey is on Wikipedia now! 🔥🍩 thanks to @ilei_73 @thepriest75 for empowering that opportunity 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 #playdonuthockey #burnermotion #hockey #hockeyfun #donuts #teamgames ...

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In Riga with friends ❤️ Latvia rocks!
#burnergames #playdonuthockey #burnermotion #latvija #riga #beautifulcity

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Swiss PE Teaching magazine MobileSport just launched a huge feature on Donut Hockey. This attractive, easy indoor hockey game develops fun as quickly as your fitness. The article contains a crash course how to play, a bunch of cool playing ideas and a competence-based testing tool, developed in cooperation with a Bachelor thesis by Gian Gmünder at University of Basel. The feature is available in German, French and Italian language. Don`t miss. 




More info on Donut Hockey:

Cheers Muriel 🔥🍩😃

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Fan post from Taipei ❤️🔥🍩 #playdonuthockey #featuredpost #teamtaiwan #lovearoundtheworld #burnergames #donuts ...

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What's the name of the game? 😎 #playdonuthockey #burnergames #donuts #hockeylife #sweetie ...

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Spend time between games with your best friend ❤️🔥🍩 #playdonuthockey ...

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Donut Hockey is on Wikipedia now! 🔥🍩 thanks to @ilei_73 @thepriest75 for empowering that opportunity, @chris_coach4you for the great pic and the whole team for your passion 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 #playdonuthockey #burnermotion #hockey #hockeyfun #donuts #teamgames ...

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