Tricks, challenges and games for the home

How can children and young people be motivated to work on coordination, strength and mobility at home? The inner pig is mighty – once the front door locks behind you, the console, Netflix and refrigerator beckon. Burner @home offers a collection of ideas with a variety of small games, attractive tricks and fitness challenges that will get the biggest couch potato off his chair. The ideas are suitable as moving homework as well as for online lessons, or for all those who generally do not have a gym available, because all content can be implemented with normal everyday materials.

The challenges were created by sports experts from the USA, India, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Iceland, Finland, Germany, India, Taiwan, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia and Switzerland.

The book shows all the ideas step by step, provides tips and tricks for organization and implementation, and the digital flashcards help as ready-to-use instructions including embedded videos – so that learners can also learn independently.

Available in german language yet – english translation will be published in September 2021


Burner@home offers a wide and varied collection of games, tricks and challenges outside the gym. The digital flashcards with embedded videos can be sent to learners as PDFs like worksheets. Digital learning made easy!


Muriel Sutter has been writing creative collections of ideas for games and sports for 10 years, and travels extensively. The current book is a collaboration of sports experts from all over the world who know and love the Burner philosophy. Burner around the world!


Burner@home courses are easy to organize – anyone can participate from home – all it takes is everyday materials available in every home, a tablet, computer or cell phone with a camera and you’re ready to go. Fun challenges and small games set the mood, and at the same time you can learn 1 to 1 how easy it is to use the digital possibilities for physical education.


The Burner@home program is still brand new, so there are hardly any courses advertised yet. Updates will follow continuously!

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