Young experts with versatile core areas combine thrilling new trends such as aerial yoga and acrobatic yoga with classic acrobatic and artistry disciplines. This creative mix creates a teaching material which motivates young people to access acrobatics in an easy, inspiring way. The book itself works really easy. You never have to demonstrate crazy tricks to your students, because all moves are shown step by step on big, beautiful pictures. All moves are created by our dedicated experts team in close cooperation with various students which brought their own ideas, inspired by Instagram, Pinterest and their fantasy. We are happy to present you this exciting mix of good basics and lots of innovative, brand new stunts – on the floor and in the air.


All content is prepared on high-quality, laminated activity cards with big picture rows. Like this, students can work all by themselves. Like on skiing slopes, the grade of difficulty is shown in colors: blue for easy stunts, red for intermediate and black for big challenges. The well-known “Flames” show furthermore, if there is more the flexibility, coordination or power in the focus of the exercise. In the teachers manual you find additional tipps and tricks and a lot of inspiration to create thrilling and adventurous classes.


We prepared small and big starter kits, so you can just go for it, without thinking over what you might need. For experienced people and such who already have some equipment, we offer also every element as a single piece. An overview of all materials is found within the Shop:


Here you find all current courses data. Watch out: They might be in a different language than the website. For details just click the link. If you wish to book an individual course for your school or team, please contact us. We are happy to create an individual program according your vision:

National Latvian Symposium for PE Teaching
Latvijas Skolu sporta federācija, Jelgava
28.8.2018 - 29.8.2018
Ganztägig Uhr
LWB Burner Acrobatics PH Tirol
NMS Hötting West, Innsbruck
9:00 - 12:00 Uhr


The three Burner Acrobatics Authors come from different disciplines: Katrin Kehrli is a classic gymnast, Martina Marti is a circus artist and Thea Gerber is an expert in dancing and acrobatic yoga. They all work very intensive with kids and teens and get inspired by their ideas. Together they create a very versatile, exiting and enormous creative work.


Anna-Katharina, Enya, Sophia, Zoe, Elisha und Paula are in the Burner Acrobatics Team since 2015. they are between 15 and 18 years old and still go to school at Gymnasium Leonhard. Besides their passion for acrobatics and gymnastics they love to be creative, make photographs and develop their own artistic projects. On their Instagram Account “Acroflames” you can follow their activities. And of course you can see them on many pictures in the new books and on the activity cards.


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