Burner Motion ltd. was founded 2013 in Switzerland. Our vision is to motivate people for an active lifestyle with thrilling games and other creative ideas. All contents are designed that all participants are integrated. Nevertheless they have a very competitive character and are have a high intensity level. Burner Motion is connected to experts within Switzerland and abroad. The core instrument of it`s work is the book edition BURNER MOTION – the german edition is published by Hofmann Schorndorf publishing company. According to our programs we develop a small range of attractive, functional and very individual products. The actual offer is divided in 4 parts:


Burner Games are attractive small games that bring fun and tension into the gym. Inspired by emotional moments from films, computer games, TV Shows and many more, Burner Games motivate even couch potatoes to run for their lives. Stronger as well as weaker players are always integrated, nevertheless all games are very intensive and competitive.


In cooperation with creative and outstanding experts we transfer the philosophy of the Burner Games on other disciplines, such as Acrobatics, Dance, Water Sports, Parkour and many more. The common goal of every program is to integrate both stronger and weaker students to give everybody an efficient class with a positive team experience.


Get complex team games played by everybody, even by people with very limited ball game skills. Create trainings which are great fun for advanced as well as for beginners and teach your students with fun and success.


The new, attractive team game Donut Hockey is a mix of Ice Hockey, Ringette and Floorball. It is very emotional, physically demanding but very easy to learn, also for less skilled persons. Try Donut Hockey – you will succeed in performing attractive tricks after a short time!

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Pictures say more than a thousand words! The following trailer shows you a bit about the atmosphere and action performing the Burner Games. Both soundtracks “Phoenix” (Burner Games) and “Shoot Score Everyone” (Donut Hockey) were written, composed and performed by the students band „Friends with George“.


The Burner Motion ltd. Board is enthusiastic about sports and fitness. Our team comes from various branches – university, school, sports- and gastro business. The board meets about 4-5 times per year to plan the strategy of our startup. Marco Obrist and Muriel Sutter are both members of the board and CEO`s of the company, leading the daily business. To see the complete Burner Motion Team, please check the TEAM site.

Muriel Sutter

Muriel Sutter

Member of the board, CEO

President of the Board, CEO

Editor of the book series Burner Motion, Author, Instructor

Marco Obrist

Marco Obrist

Member of the board, CEO

Member of the Board, CEO Burner Motion AG

Network University sports, responsible for contracts and licenses.

Prof. Dr. Lukas Zahner

Prof. Dr. Lukas Zahner

Member of the Board

Member of the Board, academic advisor, networker

Christian Rosenberger

Christian Rosenberger

Member of the board

Member of the board, professional advisor, instructor, photographer

Alain Kropf

Alain Kropf

Member of the board

Member of the Board


At the place of old school photo albums we have installed dynamic social media feeds to all our pages which always provide you with the latest pictures. You can also add your own burner pics using the hashtag #burnermotion.

Hallo liebes #instalehrerzimmer und alle wundervollen Besucher*innen ♥️ Da meine Kräfte fürs gesund werden und andere Angelegenheiten gebraucht wurden, habe ich die letzten Tage nur als stille Besucherin bei der #lehrerinneninstachallenge von a_teachers_lifestyle mitgemacht. Dabei habe ich ein neues #lieblingsspielimsport kennengelernt, welches ich unbedingt weiterteilen möchte: Dino-Eier klauen von montiaffen ist ein grossartiges #kooperationsspiel und ich empfehle dir sehr, es nachzuspielen! Danke für diese wunderbaren #perlenausdemunterricht 🙏 #tränenvorlachen garantiert! Neben den #burnergames und Burgball wird dieses Spiel bestimmt in unserer Hitliste aufgenommen.
Ich bin echt #dankbar, dass hier so viele tolle Ideen geteilt werden. MERCI! 🌼
#dankbarkeit #wertschätzung #zusammenhalt #happyteacher #instalehrer #spiele #sportunterricht #spass #schulesollspassmachen

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Vor zwei Wochen spielten wir Hühnerball im Sport. Jedes Team kriegt eine Hallenhälfte und die umgedrehte Langbank in der gegnerischen Hälfte. Wer mit einem Softball getroffen wurde, geht auf die Hühnerstange der Mannschaft🐓🐓🐓.
Trifft ein Kind auf der Langbank ein anderes der gegnerischen Mannschaft ohne von der Langbank zu fallen, darf wieder ins Feld zurückgekehrt werden.
Der Balanceakt auf der Hühnerstange war gar nicht so einfach😅.
(Spielidee aus der Burner Games-Reihe, unbeauftragte Werbung aus Überzeugung)
#primareinblicke #turnunterricht #sportunterricht #primarschule #hühnerball #5und6klass #schwizerkollegium #instakollegium #sportspiel #balancieren #🐓 #burnergames

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Donut Hockey is on Wikipedia now! 🔥🍩 thanks to @ilei_73 @thepriest75 for empowering that opportunity, @chris_coach4you for the great pic and the whole team for your passion 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 #playdonuthockey #burnermotion #hockey #hockeyfun #donuts #teamgames ...

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Donut Hockey is on Wikipedia now! 🔥🍩 thanks to @ilei_73 @thepriest75 for empowering that opportunity 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 #playdonuthockey #burnermotion #hockey #hockeyfun #donuts #teamgames ...

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Matterhorn-jagerbal; punten halen door de top te beklimmen voordat je wordt afgegooid... #LO2 #burnergames #davincisports ...

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Swiss PE Teaching magazine MobileSport just launched a huge feature on Donut Hockey. This attractive, easy indoor hockey game develops fun as quickly as your fitness. The article contains a crash course how to play, a bunch of cool playing ideas and a competence-based testing tool, developed in cooperation with a Bachelor thesis by Gian Gmünder at University of Basel. The feature is available in German, French and Italian language. Don`t miss. 




More info on Donut Hockey:

Cheers Muriel 🔥🍩😃

#mobilesport #peteacher #hockey #schoolsports #teacher #teachersofinstagram #playdonuthockey #hockeyfun

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The following press contributions have been published the last few years. To download just click the link. Watch out, all of them are available in their original language only.


Mobile Sport is the official online platform of the Federal office for Sports in Switzerland, BASPO.

Praxisbeilage Burner Games Mobile Sport D

Praxisbeilage Burner Games Mobile Sport F

Praxisbeilage Burner Games Mobile Sport I



Bildung Schweiz is the official magazine for teachers in Switzerland.

Feature Spielentwicklung Bildung Schweiz

Feature Bildung Schweiz Brennen für Spiele



Schulsportforschung, Bd. 1

König, S., Memmert, D., Kolb, M. (Hrsg.)

ISBN 978-3-8325-3223-9

“Sport-Spiel-Unterricht” is the conference publication of 8th sports and games symposium of the DVS in 2012, containing 2 abstracts about the workshops of Burner Motion.



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